The story so far…

Jonah, Bodhi, Edward and Nickee playing in the woods 🙂

Welcome to Earthrise! We’re excited to be launching this project and can’t wait to hear from you if you feel excited by it too.

Here’s a little bit about what’s been happening so far……My husband Edward and I have been dreaming about living in a co-housing community for some years now. But it was within the quiet and stillness of lockdown that we really let our imaginations and hearts run free with the idea and started to vision, discuss and research what it might take to really do it. The result of that creativity is in the pages of this website, something that will grow and evolve as our core group joins us.

We’re looking forward to the next step together

(please note we have no land at present, we are forming the core group),

Nickee x

12 thoughts on “The story so far…”

  1. Hi Nickie and Edward.
    I have just come across earthrise- beautiful name- on dreamers and diggers. It does look like something I would be interested in especially being a single mother. I have invisioned my 3 year son to be unschooled.. I also crave to work on the land within a community setting- while also having the healthy balance if ones own living space.
    Are you open to volunteers? Or do you have an open day?
    With love

  2. Hello Nickee and Edward,
    I just saw your post in a Facebook group I am a member. We are are family of four and our children have been home educated. We will be interested in your community set up. Looking forward to hear from you.

  3. Hi we are a homeschooling family of 4 and we have my 17 year old daughter who is at college living with us. We would however be interested in more information about the community. We also have a 14 and 5 year old boys.
    We were just also wondering where in Devon is the base of the community and what would be the legistics to become part of this.
    Many thanks
    Zara Mackenzie

  4. Hi Nickee and Edward – what a wonderful plan! I am an artist, writer, coach and equine therapist (with horse) looking for a Dorset based eco-community to join. My son is grown up with his own family and I miss having children around. It’s so important to bring out who they are, unlocking their strengths whilst nurturing their dreams and aspirations – so I’m keen to see if I can add value to your un-schooling community as an older but naturally playful member.

  5. Hi Nickee and Edward,

    Your idea sounds very interesting, and is something I’ve always been tempted to do. I have two children who are currently in the school system, but it’s not my first choice. We live in Devon and I’m a single parent. Please could you send me some more details about your plans?

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