Guiding Principles

Our community is committed to and held by our guiding principles. This helps create an atmosphere of trust, warmth, safety and a sense of oneness with all of life and gives us a map to find our way back to this when there are conflicts.


We hold equality and mutual respect at the heart of all our interactions. All voices in the community matter and we are trained in and are committed to the process of consensus decision–making. This applies to the children in our community too. We aim to uphold children’s rights and our children can access, participate in and influence decision-making processes. With appropriate training and support, children can chair meetings and lead on appropriate projects if they would like to.


We value diversity and aim to foster a warm, inclusive atmosphere. We work to eliminate all forms of discrimination so that members feel safe, respected, and comfortable in being themselves and expressing all aspects of their identities. We seek to stay aware of group dynamics and work towards a collaborative culture. The differences in our community are welcome, as long as our members are actively engaged with our guiding principles.

Self-Directed Learning focused

“Self-direction is an approach to life and learning that involves connection with and listening to the self, and that voice within, combined with a sense of personal empowerment to explore that insight……[it] seeks to enable a person to be in greatest alignment with their own sense of purpose and drives.”

Sophie Christophy, CEO Phoenix Education Trust/’The Cabin’ founder

Our community embraces children’s involvement on every level, including growing food, learning skills and governance and decision-making. We create a vibrant, supportive and curious environment where adults and children can explore their unique interests. Community members share their skills and passions to foster an atmosphere of mutual learning.


We recognise ourselves to be inextricably linked with the web of all life and as such, we aim to live in a healthy, resilient, regenerative relationship with nature and each other. We draw on permaculture principles and systems theory in the design and implementation of our community structure and how we work with the land. We aim to foster biodiversity. We keep the needs of the earth in mind in all our decisions.


We care about the psychological, spiritual and emotional health of ourselves, our relationships and the community as a whole. We seek to acknowledge our unconscious bias and take responsibility for our interpersonal relationships. We use conflict resolution strategies such as non-violent communication (NVC) and seek external help when we need to. We are committed to personal growth in whatever way is meaningful to each of us so that our community culture is healthy, supportive and a loving place to be in. To support this, we are a drug-free setting and welcome people with a level of self-awareness and emotional maturity.